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Jimmy Spicer

James Bromley Spicer (born May 30, 1958)[1] is an American hip hop recording artist who released a number of old school rap singles during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Spicer was managed by Russell Simmons' Rush Management. His single "The Bubble Bunch" featured Jellybean Benitez's first remix.

A figure in the early days of recorded hip hop, Jimmy Spicer released “Adventures of Super Rhymes” in 1979 on Dazz Records.

It is a thirteen minutes song that features extremely visual and imaginative storytelling.  Thus, he was a precursor to more well known storytellers coming later like Slick Rick and Dana Dane.

He also recorded a song called “Money (Dollar Bill Ya’ll)” which is also a funky track and worth a listen.  It was released in 1983 on Spring Records.

He also recorded a song called “The Bubble Bunch” for Mercury released in 1982.

He was briefly signed to Def Jam recording a single entitled “Beat the Clock” b/w “This Is It”.  It was produced by Def Jam co-founder Rick Rubin.

He appeared on the television show “20/20” around 1985 rapping about Keith Haring the artist.

His last known record was a dance hall record with Beenie Man  around 97 or 98.

He has three daughters, Angelina, Leticia, and Janel Spicer.

In 2018, he was diagnosed with advanced brain and lung cancer

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