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Kevie Kev Rockwell

DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell was born in Harlem, New York. After a while, his parents moved to the Bronx in an area called, "Marble Hill". While attending John F. Kennedy High School 99 Terrace View Ave, Bronx, NY 10463, Kevie Kev Rockwell started entertaining his peers with a simple boombox radio playing original mixed tapes that he had created on his turntables and started everyone he was called A Push Button DJ. While around this time frame, the first generation of Hip Hop MC’s and (DJ’s) were emerging and DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell was destined to become one of its most well known pioneers. DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell talents were nurtured by Grand Wizard Theodore and Grand Master Flash. DJ Kevie Kev would observe the hand movements of his mentors Grand Wizard Theodore and Grand Master Flash.

Then narrate their actions like Spin Backs ' Scratching ' Speed and Finesse Needle Dropping and how to Rock a Crowd with a Mixer and Two Turntables . These motions formulated new rhythms in sync with the music being played and became history. IT'S CALLED HIP HOP

At the young age of 17, DJ Kevie Kev convinced his parents to invested in his own sound system to become part of a group called ROCKWELL INC. They became "The Blocks Favorites For Parties". Rockwell went to parties to see Afrika Bambaataa Kool Herc and Grand Master Flash as well The Creator Of SCRATCH Grand Wizzard Theodore. Rockwell had a very large collection of beats he gathered together and now, DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell begins his legacy as a pioneer DJ in the year 1979 with Crew Called Rockwell Inc. My Brothers Darren Melvin AKA Crazy Dee and Larry Walker, B Ward, Lady Suzette, Kool Dee Lil Dee now Pink panther was very instrumental in making the group Legendary Promoting and Literary Spying on our competition. My style of DJ’ing attracted the attention of well known local party promoters in the Bronx. I would be booked to DJ on the same venue as my mentor Grand Wizard Theodore. They were invited to work together in the Bronx as DJ’s by the new owner of The Jerome Roller Skating Rink. The combination of their talents became so popular that their audiences would begin with several hundred people in the audience and before the event would end the count would be over a thousand people.

These performances were Extremely Important Kevie Kev Rockwell Because he was now playing with his mentor Grand Wizard Theodore now in 1981 Grand Wizzard & DJ J.AY P. A very good friend of Grand Wizzard and DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell would take our equipment to 180 Park in the Bronx at E.180th Street and Mapes Avenue. It

became an all day affair, arriving mid-day their sets would end late at night with their audience of Hip Hop fans in full party mode. This became Part of the legacy that earmarked the early days of hip hop and the musical career of DJ Kevie Kev’s as a hip hop pioneer. In 1982 Grand Wizzard Theodore ask Keviekevrockwell to join his group the Legendary Fantastic 5. Now the Two DJ's Theodore and Rockwell & The Fantastic 5 MC's Became Historical. The call for DJ Kevie Kev’s work expanded to Manhattan and The Bronx ' Queens & Brooklyn DJ Kevie Kev was hired to DJ at private pool parties, block parties and other events. The demand for his talent was in such that DJ Kevie Kev was Still Constantly booked to perform as a solo DJ for numerous events.

Undoubtedly, hip hop music was in demand within NYC’s party scene. Manhattan’s night club scene flourished in the late ‘70’s and early 80’s. DJ’s and Kevie Kev Rockwell graced the grand openings of famed night clubs like The Roxy, The Dance Interior, Limelight, Palladium and Paradise Garage with their branding of “Hip Hop Party's. The timing was ripe and film producer Charlie Ahearn’s attraction to the phenomenal culture of hip hop music in 1982 eventually lead to DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell being invited to work on the soundtrack for the first Hip Hop Film “Wild Style”. Ahearn contacted a number of well known Hip Hop artists to be in this film. Charlie Ahearn contacted D.J Grand Wizzard Theodore and then Theodore invited his friend DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell to join him to work on the soundtrack. Clearly, as a team, Theodore and Kevin deserved their place to record the film’s soundtrack on the Jem and Animal Record labels.

In 1983, MC Waterbed Kevie Kev One of their Famous MC's Had a hit song Called “All Night Long” on Sugar Hill Records the single was a big hit. Waterbed Kevie Kev and DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell Became best friends since Rockwell Join The Group At that time, Waterbed Kevie Kev went on tour; he extended invitations to his brother Master Rob and friend DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell to be Part of his hip hop performance team. This formed the hip hop group The Brother’s Fantastic. A spin off from the Legendary Fantastic 5. DJ Kevie-Kev Rockwell lifelong work and passion for music is well vested in history of Hip Hop Music. He embraces an imperial love for all kinds of music. DJ Kevie-Kev Rockwell continues this legacy with his turntable talents as a true Hip Hop Pioneer. In 2009 he continues this dedication as a pioneer by becoming a member of the newly formed group comprised of hip hop pioneers, The Ground Breakers.


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